Information for Current Students

Meeting more minds is the key to open innovation. Maastricht School of Management uses ‘mentorships’ as a tool to make its students familiar with the Dutch way of living and doing business. In return, professionals participating in the mentorship programme get personally acquainted with foreign business cultures and expertise.

About the Mentorship Programme

Studying an MBA is not all about economic and organisational theory. Learning is also about doing and being. At MSM, you live and study in a multicultural environment. This year’s MBA class consists of 20 nationalities. To give you access to a Dutch professional network and get acquainted with the Dutch way of living, MSM invites professionals who want to broaden their cultural horizon to mentor you. You can read more about the MSM Mentorship programme and experiences from mentors and mentees in this blog.

I would definitely recommend taking part in the MSM Mentorship programme. In my opinion you should grab every opportunity that is coming your way to network with professionals in the Netherlands. Of course, it will only work if you make time for it and turn it into an opportunity for yourself. Transparency with your mentor in regards with what you expect from the mentorship programme and scheduling timely meetings is key.
MSM MBA alumna Harinya Yadav (India)

Professionals from Dutch companies or governmental institutions giving access to their professional network and inviting you for social or cultural activities, that’s the goal. Not too many parties of course because academic success stays number one priority. But enjoying carnival, theater or an exposition, can lead to mutual unique intercultural experiences.

I have been a mentor for MSM students for more than 10 years now, and every time again I enjoy the experience of meeting and getting to know a talented and ambitious student from yet another cultural and professional background. Truly fun and inspiring! My role as a mentor is also different every time, depending on the interest of the mentee. For some I organised a workshop at my employer ING, some I connected to my network for their research thesis and with some I went to a music concert in Amsterdam. 
Marc Borghans, Director/Head of Sustainable Structured Finance, ING Wholesale Banking
I spent most of my time abroad and still feel like a (happy!) foreigner in Maastricht. 
It is both great and normal to give, if needed, a little push in the back of our new international talents on anything ranging from practical questions to study, work and life dilemmas. 
Xavier Jongen, Managing Director, Catella Residential Investment Management 


We already welcomed mentors representing the following companies:

  • DHL
  • ING
  • Vodafone Ziggo
  • Weir Minerals
  • Stryker
  • Philipps
  • CGI
  • Catella
  • Basic Pharma Group
  • Soapbox
  • StudyPortals
  • HRC International

Welcoming new mentors

MSM has the ambition to provide this unique opportunity to learn more about the Netherlands and the Dutch business culture to all our MBA students. So we are on the outlook for new mentors who are ready to embrace this international adventure.

May we add your name to this list soon?
We thank you for joining us in the pursuit of supporting our students. If you are interested in becoming a mentor of an MSM MBA student, please contact us.

In the meantime, you can also have a look at our Mentorship brochure. In the brochure you will find more information about what the mentorship programme consist of and what the benefits will be for you as a mentor. In the brochure, you will also get more insights into the experiences of current mentors. Click here to open the brochure.