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In case you do not agree with a Final Decision taken by the MSM Examination Board, you have the right to appeal against this decision.

Right of appeal
The right of appeal and associated bodies and procedures have been described in detail in the ‘Regulations of the Board of Appeal for Examinations’, which can be found on the bottom of this page. The text below is an excerpt only.

Subjects of appeal
Participants may lodge an appeal with the Board of Appeal for Examinations against:

  • Decisions by the MSM Examination Board regarding the acquisition of credits and the passing of various course assessments;
  • Decisions regarding transfer of credits among programs as mentioned in these regulations;
  • Decisions not of a general nature regarding admissions as mentioned in these regulations;
  • Decisions of the MSM Examination Board or of examiners.

Legality of decisions
An appeal may be lodged regarding the legality of a decision.

Term for lodging appeals
The term for lodging an appeal is 6 weeks, starting from the date the decision was announced

Before deciding on an appeal, the Board of Appeal will send the appeal to the body to which the appeal is directed, inviting it to ascertain, in consultation with party (parties) concerned whether the dispute can be settled. If the appeal is lodged against an examiner, the previous sentence applies to the MSM Examination Board. Within three (3) weeks the body concerned informs the Board of Appeal for Examinations in writing of the result of the discussions. If an amicable settlement was not possible, the notice of appeal will be taken up by the Board of Appeal for Examinations.

Relevant documents
Rules and Regulations of the Board of Appeal for Examinations
Appeal form