Career Services

The what, why, how, when and who guide of the MSM Career Services

At MSM, we believe that each person’s unique history, talents, skills and dreams should be explored and developed to help each student find a career fit that will ensure that they can be the best version of themselves in their work. Self-development and learning how to have a healthy, sustainable work-life balance is also a strong focus of MSM’s career service philosophy.

Students are provided products and services that will allow them to boost their career and personal advancement. Have a look at the sections “How” and “Tips and Useful links” for more details. But please make sure you read the legal advise for international students and part-time jobs first! You can find this information in the “Legal” section of this page.

Students are encouraged and welcome to visit the Career Service department at any time. If students prefer to have a private consult they can contact us (, to make an appointment.

In today’s society, employers are increasingly looking for well-rounded, well-balanced, self-aware prospective employees, rather than on people only focused on one aspect of themselves (such as a specific skill or academic knowledge).

Since students are the ones taking the courageous step to pursue further studies, at considerable costs, we at MSM see the development and helping of students with regards to their future career as one of our most serious responsibilities.

Not only do we want to help students match their skills and talents to an exciting career path, but we also want them to shine in their career, as ambassadors for MSM.

From day 1 of the academic year at MSM, until and including becoming an alumni of MSM, the MSM Career Services works alongside the student via the career service tools, mentioned under the section “HOW”.

Students are trained early on in CV and motivational letter writing, as well as interview techniques and how to approach the job market effectively so that they can start searching for job as possible.

The self-awareness and soft-skill development happens throughout the year in various forms (trainings, guest lecturers, multi-cultural group projects).

MBA Students interested in a mentor, will be matched as early on as possible to ensure maximum benefit from the experience.

A CV book is made during the spring period to share with our corporate partners and help match our students to their needs.

Posting of jobs is done on a regular basis to our students and alumni via our student platform:

Our Career Service and Student Officers are also available throughout, and after, the studies, for face-to-face, or Skype, meetings for those with specific questions, are wishing some guidance on a career-related matter.