Information for Current Students

Welcome to the Complaints Service Point. As of the first of September 2013, this Service Point is the central contact point within MSM where students can submit their objection, appeal or formal complaint, both for academic and non-academic complaints.


A complaint relates to behavior towards you. You cannot submit a complaint about a general rule or scheme. Complaints can relate but are not limited to e.g. sexual harassment and favoritism.

If you consider the complaint to be serious enough, or if it is not possible to find a satisfactory solution informally, you can contact the CSP:

  • Complaints about your study program, faculty and facilities will be dealt with by the Manager Education Operations or the Manager Research Operations.
  • Non-academic complaints will be dealt with by the CSP.

Objection and appeal

You can submit an appeal against a (written) decision directed at you personally that has been taken by the Examination Board or an examiner, such as examination results or admission to a master’s program. These appeals are dealt with by the MSM Board of Appeal for Examinations, in accordance with the ‘Regulations of the MSM Board of Appeal for Examinations’.

Code of Conduct for International Students

The Code of Conduct contains agreements on the treatment of international students. Maastricht School of Management (MSM) has committed to comply with this Code of Conduct.
Please find the Code of Conduct here.

If you feel that MSM has not adhered to the Code of Conduct you can file a complaint to the Complaints Service Point (CSP). You can submit this complaint to

In case you feel that MSM has not adequately dealt with your complaint, you can send your complaint to the National Committee. For more information, click here.


In any case, you have to submit your case at the Complaints Service Point (CSP). The CSP will make sure that your case is forwarded to the correct body or person. From now on, it is no longer necessary for students to check if you are sending your case to the correct body. There is one central point to submit your objections, appeal or formal complaint.

Although it is not always compulsory, it is advisable to contact the institution or person who is the originator of the unfair or improper treatment before lodging a formal appeal or complaint. This may often result in the problem being solved.

You can submit your objection, appeal or complaint to:

The CSP is taken care of by:

  • Ms. Marion Rutten, Director Human Resources and Legal Affairs
  • Ms. Liliana Bedoya, MPhil, Senior Officer Global Education Programs and Quality Enhancement

Cases will be dealt with confidentially.

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