Education programs

MSM offers prestigious management degree programs such as the Master in Management, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive MBA (EMBA), Online MBA and Master of Science (MSc) programs on Management & Engineering. MSM provides a DBA degree program and a wide range of certificate and diploma based short Executive programs.

Master in Management

Our Master in Management programs provide you with a first necessary step to fast-forward your career to higher levels in a fast-changing global world.

Master of Science (with RWTH Aachen University)

The M.Sc. in Management and Engineering Programs combine RWTH Aachen University’s excellent reputation and top-faculty in engineering and MSM’s more than sixty years experience in high quality global management education.


The Master in Business Administration (MBA) of Maastricht School of Management is an experience in the essence of organizational leadership and entrepreneurial management in a fast-changing, multi-cultural and global business environment.

Executive Education

MSM offers a wide portfolio of short open enrollment programs. in our portfolio you will find both skills-oriented programs as well as policy-oriented programs. We also offer custom learning programs.

Summer School

MSM offers a number of business, industry-focused and research related summer courses at the MSM campus in Maastricht, The Netherlands and at The Student Hotel in Barcelona and Eindhoven.


The MSM DBA program is a 4-year part-time research process commencing with an intensive Research Methods and Skills (RMS) training program.

Global Programs

In addition to its campus in Maastricht, MSM offers also, in collaboration with selected partner institutions, postgraduate education in a number of countries outside the Netherlands.

Digital Learning

Our Maastricht Open Online Education (MOOE) resources, or simply MOOEs, offer free access to learning materials for businesses and managers.

Bespoke Executive Programs

Beside our portfolio of short open enrollment executive programs, we have put together a portfolio of executive courses as bespoke programs. MSM can offer a wide range of subjects taught by specialist lecturers.