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Declaration on agricultural vocational education in Indonesia

On the initiative of MSM, a Joint Declaration on agricultural vocational education in Indonesia was signed on November 17 at the closing event of three Nuffic-funded projects.

Research Methods module in the Master in Management: a must for the modern manager

“This module was very useful for our future careers as it taught us how to do proper and complete<br /> research to solve a problem in the real world of business."

Full-time MBA Accounting for Managers: Improving the quality of your decision making

“I now understand the core of Accounting and how critical it is to reach the next professional level. The knowledge gained also taught me how to improve the quality of my decision-making process.”

Center for Entrepreneurship and the CLED Revolving Fund in Popayan for youth and rural organizations

In March 2022, the Center for Entrepreneurship (Centro de Emprendimiento y Desarrollo Empresarial CEDE) at FUP was inaugurated.

Full-time MBA Research Methods module: a combination of education, experience and practicality

“The Research Methods module taught me a lot about the research methods which are available and how to apply them. In addition, this module was very helpful in preparation for my final project as part of the full-time MBA”.

The importance of successfully leading change

From 21 – 25 November 2022, 14 professionals coming from different parts of the world came together at the Maastricht University – MSM Tapijn campus in Maastricht to join the 5-day short executive Change Management programme.

SEAD West beneficiary G.S. Gisovu entered exhibition with tomatoes grown in project supported greenhouse

The SEAD West project in Rwanda under the lead of MSM has supported TVET G.S. Gisovu to build a greenhouse for their students to put theory into practice and grow their own vegetables.

MSM Equipped Health Care Providers to support Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in teaching hospitals in Ethiopia

During August and November 2022, two trainings that aimed at capacitating healthcare providers to support gender equality and women empowerment in teaching hospitals were conducted in Ethiopia.

Climate-smart technology supports food security and a sustainable environment

Clilmate Smart Technology, it is an answer to the effects of climate change which make agricultural development in Africa more challenging than ever before. Climate-smart production depends on technology transformation and a modern skilled workforce.

Directing and managing organisational strategy

“This programme is a great eye opener about the strategy making process in small and large enterprises, especially in the turbulent times we are all going through.”