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7 facts why studying in the Netherlands is a good decision

While you are considering joining Maastricht School of Management (MSM) for the Full-time MBA or Master in Management program, it might be helpful to know why the Netherlands can be seen as a great study destination.

SDG series -Tackling the Youth Employment Challenge

In this first article, we dive into SDG 8 “Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all."

Hacia el ODS 8: abordar el desafío del empleo juvenil

En este primer artículo, nos sumergimos en el ODS 8 “Promover un crecimiento económico sostenido, inclusivo y sostenible, empleo pleno y productivo y trabajo decente para todos”.

Meet your MBA lecturers: Jordi del Bas

Wondering who your MBA lecturers are going to be? What their teaching style is? How you can apply what you learned in your job?

5 arguments to get your employer onboard with your MBA plans

Once you have set your heart on following an MBA, your next question might be about the investment it will cost you, both financially and in hours. With the right arguments you might get support from your employer.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Master in Management students

Finding a degree that suits your needs and prepares you for the future that you are working towards can be a lengthy process of comparing degrees and institutions. To help you speed up the process we have compiled some of the most common questions.

Executive MBA in a time of COVID-19: Marketing in a Global Context and Supply Chain Management

In the article current Executive MBA student Rodney Rosalia, MSc, PhD shares his experiences in the courses Marketing in a Global Context and Supply Chain Management.

Life after the Executive MBA, taking up new challenges - An-Sofie Verrijssen

The MSM Executive MBA attracts participants who are strong in character and not afraid to challenge themselves to the fullest. After obtaining the MBA degree, they are ready to take up the next challenge. In this blog the story of An-Sofie Verrijssen

Meet your MBA lecturers: Dr. Khaled Wahba

Wondering who your MBA lecturers are going to be? What their teaching style is? How you can apply what you learned in your job?

A sneak peek in the life of our Master in Management alumnus Juan Carlos Ramonet

Meet Juan Carlos Ramonet, Master in Management (MM) alumnus of Maastricht School of Management. Juan Carlos comes from Mexico and graduated from the one-year MM program back in 2018.