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Are soft skills overrated?

At MSM we believe that a balance is necessary between the “theoretical” knowledge and “hard skills” and the “practical” experiences and “soft skills”.

A sneak peek in the life of our Alumni - Gabriel Brakha

Meet Gabriel Brakha, Principal at Florida Blue Local Agency in the USA and MSM MBA Alumnus. Mr. Brakha hails from Israel and is already for many years successful in business in the USA. In this blog, Gabriel Brakha shares his career journey

A sneak peek in the life of our Alumni - Anton Tarigan

Meet Anton Tarigan, Head of Section at the Ministry of Finance, Directorate of Government’s Support and Infrastructure Financing Management in Indonesia. Anton Tarigan is an MBA alumnus in Corporate Strategy & Economic Policy

First hand tips and information from an MSM Master in Management alumnus

Making the decision to study abroad is a big life change! <br /> Starting a new degree, moving country, meeting new people and adjusting to a new environment is all very exciting but comes with a lot of preparation.

A sneak peek in the life of our alumni - Endri Bahja

Meet Endri Bahja, CEO at EXINN Technology Center and National Leader For Albania at the European Early-Stage Investing Launchpad (ESIL). Endri Bahja is an MBA alumnus in Corporate Strategy & Economic Policy.

5 Key skills you develop in an Online MBA to help “future-proof” your career

Recently MSM published an article on focusing on 5 key-skills you develop in an Online MBA, which have been highlighted by employers as important for the new ways of working that are transforming our workplace.

International Women’s Day 2019 - Better the balance, better the world

On International Women’s Day, we at MSM celebrate the achievements, courage and persistence of the women in our educational programs. They all are making significant sacrifices to prepare themselves for their future leadership roles.

Hoe de facto refoulement verkocht wordt als een oplossing voor de vluchtelingencrisis

Nederland heeft de ‘vluchtelingencrisis’ van 2015 met succes afgewend. Migratie, integratie en vluchtelingenbeleid staan nog steeds hoog op de politieke en maatschappelijke agenda, maar de ‘instroom’ van asielzoekers is teruggebracht

Implementing the anti-Female Genital Mutilation project: outputs, insights, moving forward

Blog by Rolando Jr Villamero, MSM Alumnus about how his participation in MSM's executive Project Management and Project Finance program has helped him to get a grant for a project to explore the link between disability and FGM in Kenya.

Leadership… How To Know If You Are Doing It Wrong

Blog by Oliver Olson, Senior Lecturer of Marketing and Strategy at MSM sharing his view on leadership lessons in dealing with work-life balance, decision-making, EQ and staff complaints.