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Obituary Dr. Ulambayar Barsbold

With great sadness, we learned about the passing away of Dr. Ulambayar Barsbold. Dr. Barsbold was the founder and Chief Executive Director of the Mongolian Business Development Agency (MBDA), a longstanding partner of MSM

The SEAD and SEADWest projects conducted a training on Gender and Social inclusion for the horticulture value chain teams / lecturers from partner institutions

From 20-24 July in Muhanga district, The SEAD and SEADWest projects conducted a training on Gender and Social inclusion for the horticulture value chain teams / lecturers from partner institutions.

"The Decision-Making Tools course has given me a new perspective on data analysis and its visualization"

From 11 until 18 July the third Executive MBA module of the year took place - the Business Research Tools module consisting of the courses Research Methods and Decision-Making Tools.

Leading the journey from start-up to scaled-up organisations – online DBA defense

Mr. Martin Tynan successfully defended his DBA thesis online titled Leading the Journey from Start-up to Scaled-up Organisations: The evolution of entrepreneurial leadership practice during organizational growth in technology-focused organisations –

DJAM activities able to continue due to strong partnerships

As for all projects, also DJAM is facing hard challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis and by the restrictive measures put in place to limit the pandemic.

“This training will help me support local SMEs in improving their business performance”

From 13 until 17 July a 5-day online training of trainers for partner institutions conducted by Vin Morar of MSM took place. Participants from IPRC Karongi, Bumba TVET school, Gisovu TVET school, Kivumu TVET school and three Cooperatives and SMEs

Great Lakes Region Project proposal call received many responses

With support from NICHE-GLR-258, ICGLR-RTF (the project’s beneficiary organisation) sent out a call for proposals to all affiliated trainers and experts (trained with project funds in the past three years) working in the 12 African ICGLR member state

Project EIS adjusts to current situation where possible

Fortunately, the research data collection had just been completed before the Ugandan lockdown came in place.

Research Summer School on Machine Learning and Data Mining – an essential part of the modern manager toolkit

“The knowledge I gained during the Machine Learning and Data Mining using Python Research Summer School will be very useful in my research. I needed this course to improve and discover techniques to analyze large data sets.

Capacity Enhancement to achieve Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in the Medical Sector in developing countries

We are happy to continue the partnership between the Elisabeth Strouven Fund and MSM in 2020 with new funding to set up more activities to support gender equality in the health sector, building forward on and scaling up previous achievements.