MSM Examination Board

Cases of academic misconduct, non-compliance with the applicable Education and Examination Regulations (EER) or other academic requests, have to be reported to the MSM Examination Board. Cases can be reported via: Please be referred to the “Rules and Regulations” and “Policies and Procedures” of the MSM Examination Board on the website of MSM, for more information regarding the jurisdiction of the MSM Examination Board.
See document: Rules and Regulations MSM Examination Board.

After receiving the reported case, the MSM Examination Board investigates the case. The participant will always be informed and be heard. All participants have the opportunity to submit a written “motivated” reaction or a written “motivated” request within two (2) weeks. The participant is requested to fill out a motivation form and to submit any supporting evidence. If applicable, the viewpoint and recommendation of the MSM Partner Institution will be asked. The supporting documents provided will be treated with extreme confidentiality, but could be shared with the MSM Examination Board members and MSM Partner Institution if necessary. Withholding information could have negative consequences for the final decision taken by the MSM Examination Board.

Participants are requested to inform MSM and the MSM Partner Institution about personal circumstances (distress) leading to non-compliance with the applicable Education and Examination Regulations (EER) as soon as they occur, by submitting a written “motivated” statement, including the supporting documents. In case of any personal circumstances, every effort should be made to discuss the matter in advance of the submission deadline or examination date or scheduled course etc..