Welcome to the Partner Page of MSM!

This page provides our partner institutes with relevant information both for faculty and administrative staff in order to carry out MSM programs at the partner’s location. By following the guidelines listed below, we all ensure that the quality of all our programs in guaranteed and enhanced.

The Director of Education and Executive Development, Dave Cass MA, is responsible for the Partner Programs.
The overall academic responsibility of the programs lies with the respective Academic Coordinator.
The Academic Coordinator for all MBA programs at our partner institutes is Stuart Dixon, PhD.
The Academic Coordinator for our MM programs is Prof. Aad van Mourik, PhD.

MSM’s academic activities are divided into seven disciplines, each led by a Discipline Head who is responsible for coordinating and aligning the activities with the lecturers within each discipline. The Discipline Heads are the first point of contact for all faculty regarding academic questions and issues on a course level.

  1. Accounting and Finance: Angelo Corelli, PhD
  2. Economics and International Business: Prof. Aad van Mourik, PhD
  3. Leadership, HRM and Ethics: Stephanie Jones, PhD
  4. Marketing and Supply Chain Management: Oliver Olson, MBA
  5. Research Methods: Caren Crowley, PhD
  6. Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Stuart Dixon, PhD
  7. Technology, ICT and E-Business: Vincent Feltkamp, PhD

List of guidelines