Board of Examiners

Please refer to more guidelines below regarding Irregularities (including Fraud, Plagiarism, Forgery and Academic Outsourcing).

When writing a course assignment or Master's Thesis, you need to acknowledge the sources you have consulted, following rules and conventions in academic writing. Regarding the latter, the following websites from other institutes might be helpful:

  • Cardiff University Information Services has developed an excellent 15-minutes tutorial on what is plagiarism?
  • Wanting to learn how to prevent plagiarism? Massey University’s Online Writing and Learning Link presents several techniques to help you paraphrase and summarize correctly. Another strategy to prevent plagiarism is to keep track of the literature sources you have consulted in order to cite your literature while you write. Microsoft Word has a useful tool to manage your literature sources (see the tab “References” in the tool bar) and its guide will help you to get started. Please note that MSM requires the use of the latest APA-standard.
  • Hence, the website of the American Psychological Association (APA), is a good place to begin for understanding the APA-style.
  • Massey University’s Online Writing and Learning Link also provides a good gateway for more information on referencing. Please take a close look at their webpages on referencing, quoting and paraphrasing (unhide the examples!), referencing APA-style and plagiarism. Massey University’s academic writing website is also worth a visit.