About us

Maastricht School of Management (MSM) grew out of the Research Institute for Management that was established in Delft in 1952. Today, located in the city of Maastricht, it is an international higher education institution focusing on postgraduate management and incorporated as an independent non-profit foundation (Chamber of Commerce Registration KVK 41145371).

Higher education

MSM is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture in the Netherlands as a Dutch-based legal entity for higher education, which on the basis of the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act has the right to award degrees according to the two cycles of Higher Education Qualifications, as specified in the Bologna Accord and Bergen Communique. As per the confirmation of the Ministry of 21 September 2016 the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act does not prohibit Dutch institutions to award degrees for education or research on the basis of foreign accreditation.


All our degrees for education and research carry prestigious foreign accreditations such as AMBA, IACBE, ACBSP and ATHEA. These are offered in Maastricht and in selected locations abroad, with reputable partner institutions.
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MBA NVAO accredited

Our MBA programs which are offered in the Netherlands also carry the NVAO accreditation which means these degrees are recognized Dutch degrees and included in the CROHO register of Dutch degrees, for both the full-time and the part-time MBA (Isat 75013). Degrees offered outside the Netherlands are not NVAO accredited and these degrees cannot be legalized in the Netherlands as Dutch-degrees.

A quality education experience

MSM is committed to the National Commission’s Code of Conduct which applies to full-time* international students in our Netherlands programs. Our commitment to sustainable development and ethics are reflected in being an advanced signatory to the UN-PRME and by supporting the UN Global Compact.

MSM strives to provide to all its students both in the Netherlands and abroad a quality educational experience, the #ExperienceMSM. On this website, you will find information on the programs we offer, including their rules and regulations, where we offer them, to which degrees these lead, by which agencies they are accredited, the value of these programs, the research and capacity building we provide. You will also find information on how to contact us for more information and how to lodge a formal complaint. A dedicated section of our website (click here) is aimed exclusively with practical matters of studying at MSM.

*Note: Residency permits for foreign students to study in the Netherlands for a period of between 3 and 12 months can only be applied for by MSM in the case of full-time students.