About us

Maastricht School of Management provides education and advocacy for ethical management, inspiring leadership, innovative entrepreneurship and effective public policy, building on our unique history in working together with institutions in emerging economies for better global management.

About our mission

  • We provide education: MSM provides quality education in the fields of management, entrepreneurship, leadership, governance and decision-making generally. The quality is evident in its accreditations; in the qualifications, skills and experience evident in its programmes and course delivery; and in the achievements of its students and alumni.
  • We provide advocacy through research and research dissemination: MSM is convinced that management and public policy can be improved through the applications of science and through advocating for better policies through dissemination of research. MSM is therefore a research-driven school, and informs decision-makers of its scientific findings to improve management, leadership, entrepreneurship and governance through its doctoral programmes, publications, seminars, and conferences.
  • Ethical management: MSM is devoted to the highest ethical standards of management. Managers can only lead confidently and have a positive impact if they maintain the highest ethical standards and corporate social responsibility (CSR). MSM therefore subscribes and supports the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).
  • Inspiring leadership: MSM wants its students to become leaders in global management in private and public organisations, where leadership is needed to steer the course towards the continued and relevant, and most efficient nurturing of human capital and skills.
  • Innovative entrepreneurs: MSM strives to make its students appreciate the importance of entrepreneurship and small business generally and specifically the need for innovation to contribute towards sustainable development –including social and environmental sustainability.
  • Effective public policy: MSM works towards understanding and teaching ways to improve the governance of organisational, market or government process, as governance is vitally important for ensuring desirable outcomes. Herein public policies need to be effective in ensuring scarce resources are put to the most optimal use.
  • Unique history: MSM has been providing management education in emerging economies for decades, as one of the oldest business schools in The Netherlands. This reflects MSM’s concern with development outcomes and management that bridges advanced and emerging economies. Sustainable environmental development and a concern for equitable economic and social outcomes will therefore continue drive our core activities. The development challenges of emerging and developing countries and a multicultural, tolerant and diverse global society is part of MSM’s DNA.

Our vision

Maastricht School of Management’s vision is to be the brightest star amongst business schools in The Netherlands and as such to shine our light onto management education and advocacy across the emerging and developing world, bridging cultures and countries and thereby contributing to the shared and sustainable well-being of a global, diverse and peaceful world.

Our core values

Hard work • Integrity • Initiative • Creativity • Accountability • Inclusiveness • Teamwork • Personal Growth • Diversity and Safety.