M.J. (Meinhard) Gans, MSc

Chief Executive Officer / Dean a.i.

Ms. C.A.P. (Chantal) Muyrers, BA

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. K. (Katalin) Kovacs, MPA

Associate Dean Global Education Programs

Ms. M.A.G. (Marion) Rutten-Klerckx, MA (Law)

Director Human Resources and Legal Affairs

Stuart Dixon, PhD

Director of Academics / Academic Coordinator MBA Programs

D.P. (Diederik) de Boer, PhD

Director International Projects and Consultancies / Associate Professor Sustainable Business Development

D.N. (David) Cass, MA

Director of Education

Ms. P.C.M.H. (Pascale) Hardy, PhD

Director of Doctoral Studies and Online Education

Ms. R. (Amy) Wang, MBA

Special Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer

O.W. (Oliver) Olson, MBA

Senior Lecturer of Marketing and Strategy / Discipline Head Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Ms. C.M.J. (Caroline) Jansen, BA

Executive Secretary to the Management Team

Ms. F.H.M. (Sandra) Adriaansens-Theelen, MSc/MMA

Senior Manager Business Development

Ms. G.L. (Liliana) Bedoya Vargas, M.Phil

Manager Quality Enhancement / Project Consultant

S. (Stefano) Locatelli, MSc/MSc

Quality Enhancement Officer / Junior Project Consultant

Ms. J.E. (Johanna) Korff, BA

Knowledge Manager

Ms. F.P.W. (Frédérique) Starmans-Franssen, MSc/MM

Senior Examination Board Secretary

Ms. R.L.M. (Regina) Moen, BA

Senior Officer Global Education programs

Ms. N.A. (Adriana) Seclaman, PhD

Senior Officer Global Education programs

Ms. K. (Karen) Tromp, BA

Senior Officer Global Education programs

Ms. M.D.P. (Pilar) Gonzalez Vigil, MSc/MSc

Officer Global Education programs

Ms. Y. (Yuanyuan) Guo, MA

Officer Global Education programs

Ms. M.L.J. (Maud) Jeukens, BA

Officer Global Education programs

Ms. D. (Dolores) McIntyre-Godfrey

Officer Global Education programs

Ms. H.M. (Hermina) Kooyman, MBA

Manager Enrollment and Career Services

Ms. I.H. (Inka) Diddens, BA

Recruitment Officer

Ms. G. (Giulia) Zucchelli, MA

Recruitment Officer

S.G. (Stef) Bolte, MA

Admissions and Education Officer

Ms. N. (Nicky) De Bie, BSc

Admissions and Education Officer

Ms. D.E.N. (Denise) Dupont, BA

Student Services and Alumni Officer

Ms. M.M.E. (Manon) Souren-Huppertz, MA

Executive Education Officer

Ms. A.M.M.R.G. (Adeline) Billen

Admissions and Education Officer

Ms. M.E.T. (Mariëlle) Daemen

Senior Communications Officer

Ms. P.M.M. (Paula) Kolfschoten, BA

Communications Officer

Ms. W. (Wendy) Mertens

Communications Officer

Ms. M. (Michela) Parrillo, MA/MSc

Officer Doctoral Studies

Ms. M. (Monika) Jusdi, BA

Officer Doctoral Studies

Ms. I.E.J.G.T. (Iris) Weijenberg, BA

RMS Admissions Officer / Manager Information Office

H. (Harpreet) Singh, MSc

Online Education Officer

Ms. S.W. (Shiwen) Ma, BA

Online Education Officer

J.V. (James) Molensky

Manager IT / Online Education Officer

Ms. A.M. (Ania) van Horne, BA

Audio Visual Techniques Officer

Ms. W.P. (Ien) Bakker

Manager International Projects and Consultancies

Ms. C. (Carolijn) Spaninks, BA

HR Officer

Ms. J.I. (Julie) Jansen, BA

HR Officer

Ms. D.C.E. (Diana) van Elssen-Lahoije, BA

Travel Officer

J.F.J. (Jos) Linssen, BA

Senior Finance Officer

R.A.E. (Rob) Robeers

Senior Finance Officer

Ms. J.G.J. (Yolanda) Nijsten

Finance Officer / Officer International Projects and Consultancies

R.H.J. (Roger) Piepot

Facility Assistant

Ms. P. (Previna) Samsundar

Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

Ms. H.C.P. (Ine) Verstegen

Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

E.H.M. (Erik) Bartels

Senior Facility Officer / Corporate Photographer / Health and Safety Coordinator

A.R.R. (Arsenio) Kranenburg

Event Officer

J.L.P. (Paul) Muijtjens


A.P. (André) Smeele