Executive Education

Executive Education at MSM

In today’s rapidly changing world, it is important for leaders and professionals to keep their knowledge and skills up to date and relevant. Executive education offers you the latest knowledge on market trends, applied research and business thinking. Investing in executive education is investing in your future.

At MSM we embrace this lifelong learning approach! MSM’s hands-on executive programs, led by thought leaders and business experts, provides a practical and action-oriented learning experience and are designed to have an immediate impact on performance.

MSM has developed a close relation with local and global businesses, policy makers and entrepreneurs, which allows us to gauge the demands of labor markets. As such, MSM can draw on relevant expertise across the world in order to develop affordable, focused short education programs for lifelong learning.

MSM's skills-oriented programs will help you to enhance your management and professional knowledge and skills, broaden your mind and develop your personal skills. Our policy-oriented programs provide you with the tools and instruments that can help you in developing effective policies for your organization. MSM's executive programs are divided in six different areas; Leadership & Management, Complex Problem Solving, Public Policy & Administration, Sustainable Business Development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Nuffic/Stuned Eligble programs (see overview below).

Custom-made programs
Beside our portfolio of Open Enrollment executive programs. MSM can deliver custom-made programs in a wide variety of expertise areas, to help shape or transform your organization and to develop your people. Tailored to the specific training needs and objectives of your organization, the custom-made programs are the perfect tool to strengthen the leadership skills and expertise of your professionals.

As a respond to the global Corona virus, the MSM board has taken measures to protect the health of MSM’s faculty, staff and students. Click here for more information.
In case of any questions, please contact us at ep@msm.nl

Leadership & Management

Leadership and management is more than an organizational role, it is a true profession. Therefore, it is worthwhile for organizations and individuals to invest in leadership and management development at all levels in the organization.

Complex Problem Solving

Every day we all deal with problems, but what needs to be done when these problems become complex? MSM offers various programs to help you to develop your problem solving skills and to learn how to solve problems efficiently and in a timely fashion.

Public Policy & Administration

Leaders in the public sector require analytical skills for policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation, policy and strategy formulation, as well as various other competencies and skills.

Sustainable Business Development

For the business community, sustainability is more than mere window-dressing. Sustainable development means adopting business strategies and activities that meet the needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

With the MSM executive programs on Entrepreneurship and Innovation your entrepreneurial skills will be further developed and stimulated and you will discover best practices for innovation.

MSM's Online Executive Programs
Online Executive Programs

MSM's online executive programs offers a unique opportunity to learn and engage in a multicultural virtual environment delivered by internationally experienced trainers.

Nuffic Eligible Programs

The Dutch government offers full scholarships administered by NUFFIC for a selection of MSM programs.​ The NUFFIC MSP & OKP application window is open and closes on 23 March 2021 at 16.00 hrs. CET