Determinants of Business Students Satisfaction and Quality of Education – DBA defense


On 15 January 2020, Mr. William Kazungu successfully defended his DBA thesis titled Determinants of Business Students Satisfaction and Quality of Education: Services Delivery in Tertiary Technical Institutions in Tanzania at MSM.

The study of Mr. Kazungu investigates the determinants of business students’ satisfaction and how students perceive the quality of educational services provided by tertiary technical institutions in Tanzania. To meet this objective, three stakeholders were involved in the study namely students, institutional management and government. Mixed-methods were adopted to collect data from these three stakeholders.

A survey study aimed at gathering information about student perceptions of satisfaction, determinants of student satisfaction and student perceptions of quality of educational services in Tanzania. Mr. Kazungu also conducted semi-structured interviews with senior officials of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST), the College of Business Education (CBE) and the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE). The objective of conducting these interviews was to understand their perspectives on student satisfaction and quality of education in tertiary technical institutions in Tanzania.

The findings of the quantitative data indicate that the main determinants of student satisfaction are quality of teaching, learning environment, career advice, learning materials, image of the college and semesters. The findings of the qualitative study revealed that graduates’ abilities to perform tasks in the world of work, learners feeling of belonging and how technical institutions respond to students ‘needs and demands’ were also viewed as part of students satisfaction. Although managers viewed students’ satisfaction and quality in education differently, they were positive towards introducing student satisfaction policies. The Government uses several mechanisms including accreditation, curricular review and validation, conducting periodic self-evaluation and monitoring and control to ensure, maintain, and enhance quality in higher education.

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