An evaluation of the reform program of four state-owned banks in Egypt – DBA defense


On 10 July 2019 Ms. Omneya Sharaf Eldin successfully defended her DBA thesis titled Evaluation of Reform Program of Four State-Owned Banks in Egypt, 2004-2008 at MSM.

The study of Ms. Eldin provides a quantitative and qualitative analysis and evaluates the restructure program, that took place in the Egyptian banks owned by the state, within the period of 2004 until 2008.

The research appraises the effect of the reform program on Egyptian public banks with financial and operational viewpoints from three different perspectives: managers, employees and clients. In addition to that, the research compared the operation of these four public sector banks with the Egyptian private sector banks in terms of assets, loans and branches that brand the banks.

The research found that there were minimal and slight improvements within the reform of the four public banks, especially in comparison to the largest private sector bank operation in Egypt and the other two private banks. In conclusion, the research had expected more improvements from the Egyptian banking reform.

“The research modules greatly helped me in carrying out a scientific research. I also learned a lot from the discussions and evaluations of the readers which has been of great added value. The readers also assisted me in how to present my point of view in a convincing way and how to defend this point of view. “

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