Effect of Banner Ad Placement and Page Context on Advertising Outcomes – DBA defense


On 29 October 2019, Mr. Zanaty successfully defended his DBA thesis titled The Effect of Banner Ad Placement and Page Context on Advertising Outcomes for Arabic Web pages.

The research of Mr. Zanaty addresses optimal web advertising for Arabic web pages by inspecting the impact of banner advertisement placement and page context on advertising outcomes. The study analyses the cognitive and physiological procedures underlying word recognition and reading in Arabic. In addition, a comparison is made between the results of the location of English and Arabic banners.

The results indicate that Arabic readers perform differently than English readers because both sides of the brain process Arabic differently. These findings are crucial for website design and layout. Website designers must focus on these findings during the design process to ensure the placement and content of ads are suitable to generate the required impact. Implementing the findings will increase the visibility of advertising banners, improve brand awareness and recognition and increase banner clicks. This will generate more traffic to the targeted website and improve lead generation.

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