Knowledge and skills gap of graduates for the ICT sector in Egypt - DBA defense


On 11 October 2019, Ms. Shahinaz Azazy successfully defended her DBA thesis titled Fulfilling the Knowledge and Skills Gap of Graduates Educated for the Information and Communication Technologies Sector in Egypt.

Ms. Azazy examined and explored new methodologies, skills and knowledge models for ICT colleges to decrease the gap between employers’ needs and graduates’ skills and knowledge. Getting a work-ready ICT graduate is very challenging due to the fast-paced evolving in-demand skills and emerging technologies. In her research, Ms. Azazy investigated the impact of engaging practitioners in college education by having knowledge transfer sessions and real-world projects for undergraduates, developing training courses as part of the ICT curriculum, conducting awareness sessions and adopting effective learning methodologies.

The study proposes a competency model to support the formulation of computer science and information technology education. The model is focused on narrowing the skills gap by involving on-job training as an integral part of undergraduate education. To supply the evolving IT workforce needs the study also proposes a variety of core competencies to help develop a diversity of graduates’ profiles which is more stretchable.

After her successful DBA defense at MSM, Ms. Azazy pointed out that: “the MSM DBA was a great and rewarding experience and helped me to develop my research skills.”

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