Factors that affect customer’s intention to purchase apparel online – DBA defense


On 10 July 2019 Mr. Yasser Hassan successfully defended his DBA thesis titled Factors That Affect Customer’s Intention to Purchase Apparel Online: An Empirical Study of Apparel Online Shoppers – A Case Study in Egypt at MSM.

The main aim of the study of Mr. Hassan was to discover the factors affecting the purchase intention of online shoppers when shopping for apparel in Egypt. This was done by using mixed research methodology: exploratory research (literature review and in-depth interviews) and explanatory research (phone survey). The findings of the literature review, along with the in-depth interviews, were used to form a conceptual model for further investigation. The conceptual model is based on two factors of the original Technology Acceptance model (perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use). In addition, seven other factors were augmented namely: perceived risk, company and product attributes, media influence, innovativeness, fashion consciousness, and two culture dimensions (uncertainty avoidance and individualism vs collectivism).

16 hypotheses were proposed and tested by using structural equation modeling (SEM) after applying several confirmatory factor analyses. The structural equation modeling supported ten hypotheses out of 16 and suggested 2 new hypotheses, which were neither found in the literature nor suggested for the present study, namely: uncertainty avoidance was found to have a direct effect on Perceived Ease of Use and Perceived Usefulness. These two new hypotheses were proved through the further explanatory research conducted by the researcher and those are significant findings of the research.

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