Developing the diamond cutting and polishing industry in Namibia – DBA defense


On 21 May 2019 Mr. Mr. Shihaleni Ellis Ndjaba successfully defended his DBA thesis at MSM titled Developing the diamond cutting and polishing industry in Namibia: An assessment of the diamond beneficiation programme.

The main purpose of the DBA study of Mr. Ndjaba was to evaluate the extent to which the Namibian diamond beneficiation programme has been successful. The purpose of the diamond beneficiation programme is to increase the economic and social benefits of diamonds in the country. The findings of the study reveal that the beneficiation programme in Namibia has made some considerable gains in the areas of job creation, skills development and technological development. More can be done however through the removal of constraints, especially those related to outdated legislation. Mr. Ndjaba recommends that Namibia should develop legislations with clear objectives that are focussed on diamond beneficiation. Further studies are also recommended on the barriers to value addition and beneficiation.

I have gained high level research skills and enhanced knowledge in business practice through the research process I went through,” said Mr. Ndjaba after his DBA defense. “The enormous knowledge I gained by participating in the MSM DBA program has not only strengthened my business acumen but has also enhanced and broadened my academic standing.”

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