Developing a Contract Farming Framework for Smallholder Farmers in Tanzania – DBA defense


Mr. George Francis Nangale successfully defended his DBA thesis at MSM on 21 May 2019 titled Developing a Contract Farming Framework for Determining Increased Income and Improved Livelihood of Smallholder Farmers in Cotton Production in Tanzania.

The study of Mr. Nangale sought to contribute to the understanding of the theoretical and practical implications of contract farming in Tanzania. The study also investigated the policy recommendations which determine increased income and improved livelihood for smallholder farmers. The findings of the study suggest that the availability of key contracts for smallholder farmers are related to increased cotton yield and extra sources of income. The results of the study support the hypotheses that good practice in contract farming lead to an increased productivity and that good practices also provide an effective governance structure in contract farming. The thesis concludes by proposing a framework that attempts to address smallholder farmers’ income plight through the adoption of appropriate contract farming arrangements.

I highly recommend researchers and practitioners to pursue a resource management study to initiate development of wealth creation frameworks for smallholder enterprises”, said Mr. Nangale after his successful DBA defense at MSM.

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