Human Resource Management and the Performance of Technical and Vocational Institutions in Tanzania – DBA defense


Mr. Alex Augustino Nkondola successfully defended his DBA thesis at MSM on 7 May 2019. His thesis is titled Human Resource Management and Performance of Technical and Vocational Institutions: A Case Study of Technical Institutions in Tanzania.

The study of Mr. Nkondola identified practical solutions for education quality challenges in technical institutions in Tanzania. From the human resource management perspective the study revealed that the quality of education is influenced by the competencies and motivation of teachers engaged in the provision of the education.

The study further discovered that, in the context of competence-based education, competencies and motivation of teachers is influenced by the capacity of institutions in the following aspects: human resource management policies, mandates and budget, the competence of human resource managers, selection of teachers based on industrial experience and teaching skills and the exposure of teachers to professional, industrial and pedagogical training. Next to these aspects the adequacy of the salary, incentives, working environment and promotion are considered to have an effect. To improve the quality of education in technical and vocational institutions the college managers must therefore apply the above strategies.

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