Marketing Practices and Their Effects on SMEs Growth in Tanzania – DBA defense


Mr. Upendo Brilliant Cornell Nyamanza successfully defended his DBA thesis at MSM on 6 May 2019. The title of his thesis was: Marketing Practices and Their Effects on SMEs Growth in Tanzania: The Case of Small and Medium Manufacturing Firms.

The objective of the study of Mr. Nyamanza was to examine the extent to which marketing practices and strategies influence the performance of the Tanzanian manufacturing SMEs. The findings revealed that a significant relationship exists between the growth of SMEs and certain types of marketing activities performed. Some of them even grow into large firms after dedicated marketing practices and strategies.

The study of Mr. Nyamanza concluded that marketing is crucial for the improved performance of manufacturing SMEs and that putting an emphasis on certain SMEs’ capabilities may produce a profound effect on performance. The study also confirms that SMEs should employ several combinations of marketing strategies to survive in the challenging and hostile external environment.

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