Adoption of e-learning in Tanzania – DBA defense at MSM


On 6 May 2019 Mr. Amani Makota successfully defended his DBA thesis at MSM titled Adoption of E-learning in Tanzania: A Case Study of Technical Institutions in Tanzania.

The adoption of e-learning could contribute to an increase in the access to education. This by enhancing the sharing of learning resources among students from different places and in different forms. Through the adoption of e-learning, training institutions will be able to reach more people, who have been denied access to education, by offering access to education through e-learning from wherever they are.

The study of Mr. Makota has found that in order for e-learning to take place, training institutions should address factors affecting adoption of e-learning in technical institutions in Tanzania. The factors identified are management support, ICT infrastructure, ICT technical support, the teachers’ perceptions and student expectations. Addressing these factors will facilitate the adoption of e-learning and will contribute to an increase in the access to education.

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