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Housing tips from MSM students

Do you want to see some housing tips about housing in Maastricht from MSM students? Click here and read some valuable housing tips.

Maastricht Housing

Maastricht Housing is the official housing agency for Maastricht University, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and the Jan van Eyck Academy. This one platform combines all the student housing offer in Maastricht and is accessible from anywhere in the world. Maastricht Housing has an extensive offer of short- and long-term housing, which is available immediately. You can choose between furnished and unfurnished rooms – there is something for everyone. Visit the website for more information:

Housing Sorbonnelaan

Discover the full furnished & modern student studios situated near the Maastricht city center. The modern studies are completely ready to move in. All studios are equipped with their own bathroom and kitchen. Most studios will be fully furnished as well, meaning you can choose for a ready to move in studio. Not only that: you’ll find all necessary facilities closeby. With the Maastricht UMC+ right around the corner and the city center 10 minutes biking away you will find everything you need to fully enjoy life in the city. Visit the website for more information:

The Social Hub

Several locations in the Netherlands as well as other cities in Europe. The Social Hub has opened a brand new hotel in Maastricht in 2017, the hotel is located in the Sphinxkwartier (center of Maastricht).
The Social Hub is next to the Lumiere arthouse cinema, Muziekgieterij concert hall and a quick 10-minute bike ride to MSM. 

In the booking portal you can check which rooms are available for different periods and what the costs are.

Info website:

Xior Student Housing

Xior offers student housing throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. They have several facilities in Maastricht and offer rooms/studios in different price categories.

Booking portal:

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