Information for Prospective Students

Students come from abroad for shorter or longer periods. The aim of the social events program is:

  • to enhance interaction between students in and outside the classroom environment;
  • to stimulate interaction between the various programs and
  • to expose them to Western-European culture and traditions

A diverse program of social activities and school presentations has been set up in collaboration with the Education Department.

The program can be adjusted and tailored to the needs of the students the moment a social class representative has been appointed.


Throughout the year MSM organizes various activities for professional and social networking, such as:

  • International student dinner: prepared by all students on the MSM campus
  • Debate nights, student competitions, alumni-student picnics, bbq and more

Extracurricular Activities Portal

The Extracurricular Activities Portal is developed by Maastricht University (UM) to offer students an overview where they can easily find volunteer work. The UM recognises the importance of voluntary work by students and therefore wants to support them in this. Click here for more information. 


Student Life in Maastricht
Maastricht, the oldest city in the Netherlands, embraces innovations in science, technology and art whilst retaining much of its fascinating past. It is a cultural center, with excellent museums, theaters and cinemas. There are also many fine shops, restaurants, bars and dance-cafes to enjoy. The rolling hills nearby offer great opportunities to enjoy walks and bike rides along their many nature trails.

Maastricht is an international crossroads. Walking through the city you will hear Dutch, French, German and English all around you. You can be in Brussels, Aachen, Cologne or Düsseldorf within an hour or two; a few more hours and you could be in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris or even London.

Chat with current students and alumni

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