Online MBA

Available MSM Scholarships for private sponsorship candidates

The full tuition fee of the MBA program is € 32,500*

*If you apply and pay the full tuition fee before 31 December 2019, you can still benefit from the 2019 prices. 

Scholarship opportunities can be combined up to 50% of the full tuition fee.

For the Dean's Development Fund, please select your country below to see the actual price of the program (full tuition fee-/-DDF scholarship).

Dean's Development Fund Based on Country

The tuition fee of this course is (select country).

Academic Excellence Scholarship Up to 50 %
Women Ambassadorship Scholarship Up to 50 %
Alumni Lifelong Learning Up to 50 %
Public Services / NGO Scholarship Up to 25 %
European Star Scholarship Up to 25 %
Entrepreneurship / Family Business Scholarship Up to 25 %
Regional Fund 25 %
Orange Tulip Scholarships (for selected countries) 80% - 60 %
Holland Scholarship € 5,000
Corporate Discounts 25 - 50%

For more detailed information about the scholarships and the conditions for these scholarships for privately funded candidates for the Online MBA, and other program related costs, please see this overview.

Sqore Scholarship Challenge

Impress MSM to win a 50% scholarship and a travel grant for the Online MBA. Follow this link to compete!

Life Long Learning Grant DUO

For more information about the Life Long Learning Grant from DUO please click here. (information only available in Dutch).