MSM Scholarship information and conditions

Dean's Development Fund (DDF)

As a DDF awardee, we will contact you to contribute to one of our marketing communications activities (e.g. blog, news item, webinar). This can be during your time at MSM as a student or as an alumnus. 

Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES)

For remarkable talents who showcase, for example:
- a solid academic & professional background and/or GMAT Score of 650+
- an excellent motivation letter
- thirst for knowledge through various trainings

MSM offers a maximum of three AES Scholarships for the Master in Management, and three for the Full-time MBA.

Women Ambassadorship Scholarship (WAS)

For women who can showcase eligibility in a 2-3 page essay (1000-1500 words), answering following three questions:
- please provide us with concrete examples in which you took on a leadership role/position during your studies/in your professional career
- please discuss at least one challenge you have faced as a woman in leadership, and how you overcame it
- in your opinion, how will the MSM MBA or Master in Management help you develop your leadership goals in the future?

MSM offers a maximum of three WAS Scholarships for the Master in Management, and three for the Full-time MBA.

Public Service/NGO Scholarship

This scholarship aims to contribute to the development of candidates with past/current experience in NGO's in the last 2-3 years. Candidates are required to send proof of their employment via a statement of employment or a reference letter.

SDG Change-maker Scholarship

For candidates that can showcase eligibility in a 2-3 page essay (1000-1500 words), answering following three questions regarding the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. Please mark the questions as seperate categories in your essay.

-       How have you contributed to the achievement of the SDGs so far?
Describe the action(s) you have taken and indicate the related SDG number(s)
-       Why are the SDGs important for business?
Describe why businesses should embrace the SDG's and how you, in your company or at work, are
        contributing to the SDG's. For example, any projects or activities you have done to promote the SDG's and
        indicate the related SDG number. Please provide real examples.
-       What will be the impact of the program to your future?
Describe in your opinion, how the MSM MBA or Master in Management will help you to play an even more
        important role as a SDG Change-maker. 

Entrepreneurship/Family Business Scholarship

For candidates who can show evidence that the company/family business was legally founded more than 1 year ago and that there has been financial activity of € 10,000 or more in the past 2 years.

Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS)

OTS scholarships are offered for India and Indonesia. More information will follow soon.

MSM offers a maximum of two Master in Management and two Full-time MBA OTS scholarships per OTS country.

Fair Discount

For candidates that have spoken to an MSM representative at specified (virtual) fairs. 
Please confirm your eligibility for the Fair Discount with us before applying by sending an email to

Please note that all scholarships are reviewed immediately, except for OTS, Women Ambassadorship Scholarship and Academic Excellence. OTS scholarships will be awarded in May. Women Ambassadorship and Academic Excellence Scholarships are reviewed and announced just before the start of the program.