New Project: Strengthening NGO’s in Lebanon through advanced Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning principles


MSM’s Expert Centre on Emerging Economies (ECEE) in partnership with the NGO SHEILD collaborates in a one-year donor-funded project to strengthen the organisational and project management capacities of local NGOs in Lebanon.

The work of NGOs such as SHEILD is highly needed since Lebanon is suffering and will continue to suffer from various socio-economic, political and ecological crises. These were amplified by the impact of the Global COVID pandemic on society. This was reflected in the disruption of assistance by critical public services, such as health care, education, social services, and transportation. In addition, it led to economic crises as preventive safety regulations and health measures suspended business activities to a degree where businesses seized to exist, sectors collapsed, and high percentages of the population fell into unemployment. The increase in demand for humanitarian assistance now reaches beyond the underprivileged. The Interventions and support of international organisations and NGOs thus need continuous funding and assistance to assure effective and efficient responses to the oftentimes intermingled emergencies/risks and their secondary impact on humankind.

The societal plead for fundamental structural and political change, based on better enjoyment of civil, economic, political and social rights and accountability for corruption, mismanagement and violence also lead to a significant growth of new NGOs in the region. We identify a need to develop a balanced network within the humanitarian and development aid sector in Lebanon to guide more localization. Over the last decade, SHEILD has significantly grown in terms of staff, geographic areas, types of programs and policies. They can play a leading role in the localization of projects but require further strengthening and solidification of their skills, competencies and knowledge.

The aim of this project between MSM and SHEILD focuses on strengthening SHEILD to take a leading role in the localization of projects. The training and activities will focus on pre-identified challenges of NGOs in the region (confirmed by SHEILD):

  • Enhancing knowledge on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
  • Strengthening management knowledge to pro-actively develop/participate in cooperation projects
  • Supporting the set-up of structural multi-stakeholder partnerships geared towards the localisation of  NGO interventions

This project will be managed by Gigi Limpens, Project Consultant at MSM’s Expert Centre on Emerging Economies. The project will run from September 2023 until August 2024.

Orange Knowledge Programme
This project is part of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) which is funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by Nuffic. For more information click here.

MSM's Expert Centre on Emerging Economies

This project is part of MSM's Expert Centre on Emerging Economies. The department is an expert centre on local economic development in emerging and developing markets.‚Äč We capacitate managers and professionals from government, private sector, NGOs, and post-secondary education in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. We offer consultancy and customized training programs, and we manage complex projects in key sectors, e.g. water, agriculture and health. For more information click here.

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