The importance of MSME’s for economic and social development in emerging economies


“This programme excellently summarises the work of MSME companies and how to build them in a unique way, as well as addresses family businesses and how to manage them.” These were the words of Mr. Mohammed Al Hakeem from Iraq on the last day of MSM’s Short Executive Small Business Development for Emerging Economies programme.

Mr. Al Hakeem continues: “The business sector in the MENA region needs to change concepts and build businesses in a modern way based on well-defined organizsational structure. All this was covered in the programme.”

Also, Ms. Caroline Wamono from Uganda is very positive about the programme: “The Programme is very relevant, practical and timely in the context of Emerging Economies. It clearly gives an in depth understanding of characteristics of small agribusinesses and businesses in general. It comprehensively highlights the plight that MSMEs face in pursuit to achieve their growth and goals at all levels. Also, the programme provides interventions to address the key challenges faced by MSMEs at macro, meso and micro levels.

MSM’s Short Executive Programmes bring together professionals with different backgrounds and from various cultures. Especially this part is what Ms. Nima Chehabeddine from Lebanon found very enriching: “Meeting people from different countries helps us to wide our vision and to open our mind. By sharing our different cultures, different experiences, our success stories and even our failures, we learn from each other and this helps us to see issues from different point of views. In addition, this enriches our knowledge, and  builds models according to success stories instead of starting from scratch.”

Ms. Wamono could not agree more: “The learning environment had participants from Academia, the developmental world, the public and private sector. This brought critical, enriching, and yet diverse perspectives to the subject of Developing small Agribusinesses in Emerging Economies. Which I believe is very important for contextualization!”

About the programme
In emerging markets, the private sector consists for more than 95% out of Small but Growing Businesses (SGB’s), also referred to as Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSME’s), that operate to a large extent in the informal sector. This is one of the reasons why we know relatively little about them. Yet, MSME’s are the key players in local economic development. What factors have led to their growth and what factors have held them back? To what extent do local MSME’s adhere to ESG (economic, social and governance) standards?

Mr. André Dellevoet, Senior Project Consultant at MSM, designed this programme to provide participants a better understanding of how the private sector in emerging economies can be developed. The programme takes a strong practice-oriented approach, providing you with examples from practitioners in various countries.

Mr. Al Hakeem highly values the lessons from Mr. Dellevoet: “Dr. Andre is a person with long field experience that lasts more than 35 years working with companies, especially in Africa. We listen to realistic and interesting experiences and success stories of small projects from the field. This has a great advantage in work and training. He can communicate important information easily and also has very impressive charisma.”

Also nothing but positive words from Ms. Wamono about the way Dr. André Dellevoet delivered the programme: “I liked the interactive way in which the course is delivered, giving the participants the opportunity to share actual experiences from their diverse backgrounds. It was also a  great experience to interact with Small agribusinesses in the Netherlands to analyse but also benchmark on the different aspects of the programme.

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About MSM’s Short Executive Programmes
Today’s rapidly changing societies and economies demand the most from organisations, leaders, managers and professionals. MSM’s Short Executive Programmes for emerging markets are developed to achieve a successful and sustainable transformation of both individuals and organisations to support local economic development and business management.

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