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Expert Centre on Emerging Economies

In today's ever-changing world, understanding the intricate workings of private sector development and inclusive sustainable business is crucial for success.

At the Expert Centre on Emerging Economies (ECEE), we bring clarity to this complex landscape, providing the necessary guidance and expertise to empower a path to development in the Global South focusing on inclusive sustainable competitive private sector development.

We believe in fostering strong multi-stakeholder partnerships (like Triple Helix platforms and Public Private Partnerships) as a crucial instrument for inclusive sustainable development. The Expert Centre provides valuable insights into constructive interactions, both locally and internationally, contributing to a sustainable, greener and more digitalized economy for all.

Our team of seasoned professionals is uniquely qualified to fill the knowledge gap. We specialize in inclusive sustainable private sector development and look beyond the usual focus on economic foundation actors by also addressing the societal and environmental foundations vis-a-vis the economic foundation actors. Our capacity building effort is focusing on 12 different domains across these three pillars as depicted in the figure.

Our Competence teams, address critical aspects such as societal impact evaluation, institutional policy development, green inclusive economy transition, digitalization, and the enhancement of university and vocational training for development.

By leveraging our management expertise, we provide valuable insights into among others leadership, entrepreneurship, labor market analysis, informal business practices, and triple helix partnerships. Through our cutting-edge (applied) research, customized training programs, and experienced team of academic and practical consultants we will collaboratively shape a sustainable, competitive, and inclusive society.

 A globally networked business school

As ‘globally networked business school’, MSM collaborates extensively with a diverse range of partner organisations globally and is able to mobilise its extensive number of alumni. We are a network organisation consisting out of MSM faculty, project staff, collaborating business partners and international knowledge institutes, working with and for international development agencies and donor organisations.

MSM is providing services such as policy research, capacity-building advice, tailor-made in and out company training, monitoring and evaluation, impact assessments, feasibility studies, curriculum development, strategy development, lobby and advocacy advice, and project management.

MSM has vast experience in managing complex, multi-annual as well as small projects through its Expert Centre on Emerging Economies. The centre is a specialised project department with long-term experience in project development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and reporting, including project managers, subject specialists, financial controllers and support staff.