Factors influencing Export Market Effectiveness – DBA defense


On 5 June 2019 Mr. Ahmed Gaara successfully defended his DBA thesis at MSM titled Factors Influencing Export Market Effectiveness: Implications for Marketing Innovation and Brand Outcomes in Export Organizations.

The study of Mr. Gaara attempts to build a comprehensive conceptual model of export market effectiveness by drawing on the resource-based view theory and the resource-advantage theory of competition. A number of research hypotheses were formulated by employing a multi-disciplinary approach to address the existing gap in the export performance domain. In particular, Mr. Gaara examined key organizational and functional antecedents of brand innovation to achieve export market effectiveness.

“Doing my DBA at MSM was a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Translating pressing issues in practice into a scientific research question that is testable was quite instrumental. To that end I had the opportunity to integrate practice with theory which was remarkably insightful and is something I definitely recommend to all practitioners,” said Mr. Gaara after his successful DBA defense.

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