How to manage change: a constant factor in today’s business world


“The Change Management course was an eye-opener for me. The course exposed me to many different models in Change Management by very prominent researchers. I am now fully prepared for changes within organizations, some of which I will have to make myself in the future.”

This is how current full-time MBA student Joseph Micheli summarized his experience in the recent Change Management course. Because of the current COVID-19 crisis, the MBA students followed the course via distance learning.

The course was taught by Prof. Geert Heling, Professor of Organizational Behavior. The Change Management course provided the MBA students with the knowledge and understanding of the major principles underlying successful change management initiatives. The course also prepared the students for the challenges of leading organizational change and renewal.

For Joseph the course had three main learning outcomes. His first learning outcome is that change is a constant, not only in today’s business world but throughout life. The course also taught Joseph that it is paramount to put the right people in charge of change in order to have a successful implementation of change. It is also important to communicate the why’s and how’s within the organization to keep employees committed, and to reduce the resistance.

Joseph appreciated the set-up of the online learning environment. “The environment enabled us to create breakout sessions to work on group projects. After the breakout sessions we discussed them in the ‘online class’. Our final group assignment was done using collaboration tools such as Google Slides and we were able to put together a Change Management plan for an organization one of us worked for. It was challenging at times, because we had to discuss the structure and culture of an organization in which the other group members did not work. But we all had interesting perceptions of the organization and came up with a great change proposal in the end.”

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