Full-time MBA Entrepreneurship course: developing a vital 21st century skill


Recently the full-time MBA students followed the renewed Entrepreneurship course. “The course developed my entrepreneurial thinking and abilities. It showed me that entrepreneurship is not only about starting or having your own business. I can also add value to a process or product in my current job.” This is how current full-time MBA student Elizabeth Muiruri experienced the entrepreneurship course.

The course, taught by Prof. Dr. Wim Naudé - Full Professor in Development Economics and Entrepreneurship, has a central emphasis on digital entrepreneurship and high-tech. The students learned how to leverage these to tackle the global grand challenges. To put theory into practice the students had to work in groups to design and present high-tech entrepreneurial strategies to promote the achievement of the SDGs for a selection of six diverse countries. “The group assignments were enlightening and insightful. I learnt that entrepreneurship is applied across the globe, in developed and developing countries. In some countries it is a cultural concept, some apply social entrepreneurship and in other countries the government encourages entrepreneurship.”

In addition to the class sessions, the group enjoyed a work visit to Rockstart, a leading start-up accelerator in the Netherlands. For Elizabeth it was interesting to learn how a venture capitalist differentiates entrepreneurial ability from an actual entrepreneur. “Group dynamics also matter in start-ups. It is important to get the right fit because it can strengthen or break the partnership.”

The multicultural and international environment of the full-time MBA group provides an excellent opportunity for interactive learning, feels also Elizabeth: “With 18 nationalities of different professional backgrounds, I gain insight into the ecosystems of other parts of the world. This is really a unique learning environment.”

After having completed the course, the students are now able to start questioning their own mission in life, and to understand how entrepreneurial thinking and acting can help to make more impact to change the world for the better. The students are capable of seeing an opportunity and prepare a plan to add value, whether in a new organization or within an existing one. At the end of the course, Elizabeth got a greater appreciation and understanding of an entrepreneur’s way of thinking and ambition. “Failure is not a reason to give up, but a learning curve to get up again and keep moving. We can all be entrepreneurs. We should not be afraid to take the risk.”

About the MSM full-time MBA
The MSM full-time MBA will challenge you to develop your management skills in a diverse, international and multicultural environment. The one-year program is conducted at the MSM campus in Maastricht. You will have full day classes, consisting of interactive lectures, individual and group assignments, work visits and guest lectures. Besides the regular classes and activities we also offer you a special optional Career and Personal Development Track (CPDT) to help you achieve your career goals, an Innovation Week and many extracurricular activities. To allow you to customize your MBA around your specific study needs and career perspectives, MSM offers a number of business-related and industry-focused specializations.

“During my one-year MBA journey, I was able to build a strong understanding of structures and dynamics of global industries, enlarge my knowledge and application of current technologies and demand developments, and gained profound exposure to 19 different nationalities that were part of my class.” MBA alumnus 2018 – Yvan Gatoto-Rwanda

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