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Full-time MBA | Maastricht School of Management Full-time MBA

The Innovation Week is held in Maastricht and combines interactive workshop activity, interspersed with lectures from guest speakers leading innovation and innovation management across various business sectors.  The course consists of two modules:

Agile Project Planning

Agile has emerged from its software development roots into a discipline used worldwide across all business sectors.  In order to maintain competitiveness in today’s faster paced and more complex environments, companies need to be able to master continuous change and are looking for agile and adaptable new employees to meet this task.  This course covers the emergence of the agile movement, agile tools and through workshop activity, course members will experience value driven development in support of a customer in various scenarios.  At the end of this module, students will have experienced scaled scrum in a non-software development environment and will be able to offer this as an extra skill set to future employers.

Service Design

“When we have 2 coffee shops right next to each other, selling the exact same coffee at the exact same price, service design is what makes you walk into the one and not the other, come back often and tell your friend about it." (See 31 Volts "Service Design")

The Service Design module builds on the agile module and requires course members to be capable of working in teams to combine the design of a system and its processes to offer a holistic service to the customer.  The course will cover research, ideation, prototyping, process and management, including service design tools, customer journey and process mapping through scenario based learning. On completion of this module, participants will have a good understanding of Service Design fundamentals and be able to apply it in the workplace to improve or create new services.