Insights into the full-time MBA from an alumna


Making the decision to study abroad is a big life change!
Starting a new degree, moving country, meeting new people and adjusting to a new environment is all very exciting but comes with a lot of preparation.

To help you prepare as much as possible for this life-changing step we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and asked full-time MBA alumna, Aneesha Singh, to answer them. After all, she has been around the block and lived the MSM Experience!

Daily life and routine at MSM

How much time per week did you spend studying? How is the study life balance?
Well, the whole program was structured systematically - each course has a one-week lecture and the following week is designed to prepare for the next course and work on assignments. I am personally not someone who can read and reproduce easily so I need to put in a lot of hard work to reproduce in an exam. It would take me 5-6 hours per day depending on the course and its assignments.  

What do you wish you would have known on your first day of the program at MSM?
Getting acclimatized to the whole building (architecturally and the people) is something I wanted to know before the first day of class. Luckily, this is exactly what happens during the two-week introduction period. The introduction weeks are educational and fun at the same time. I was instantly acclimatized with not just the faculty but also with my fellow classmates through fun team building activities such as theatre sports, a city walk and a BBQ. I still remember the ‘Sell Yourself’ class by Oliver Olson. He remembered one of my answers and referred to it during the Graduation Ceremony, a circle completed.

What influenced your decision to attend MSM?
I personally come from a background where a lot of my family members are proud alumni of MSM. I would say looking up to them was a reason for me to choose MSM for my full-time MBA. Another important reason for me to decide to study at MSM was the Digital Economy specialization course. Anything beyond this was a bonus - the warmth of the people in the building, the constant support from the Education Officers, the extensive program of adding fun to our one year, and of course the city itself! 

What advice do you have if I would attend Maastricht School of Management?
I would say, it’s a one-year program, a year that can manifest in two ways. One being highly attentive, grasping every opportunity, blending with the multi-cultural colleagues, maximizing on extracurricular activities and on the other hand being closed in a cocoon. If you choose the first way, trust me, every person in the MSM building will begin working for your chosen path. 

What do you think of Maastricht as a city for your studies?
I have always been interested in culture and one of the main reasons for me to fall in love with Maastricht as a city is because it is filled with culture. The cutesy architecture everywhere around is 'gezellig' (cozy). As a student the city is very accessible and convenient: you have libraries, study zones, cafes, restaurants all at a 2-3 km distance. 

Curriculum and Professors

Did the curriculum prepare you for your next job?
Debatable! The full-time MBA degree gives you all the knowledge of the inner working of a business which means the basics of each aspect. For me, marketing was a course where I already have a lot of knowledge in. So, I would say the MSM full-time MBA degree is a tool that we can use how we would like to. It has to be backed up with your bachelor's and the experience you have gained in your job, prior to getting into a niche area. You also need to be open to life-long learning, even after your MBA degree.

How much personal attention did you receive from the faculty members?
Anyone reading this: when you are at MSM and ask about me everyone will know me because I personally bonded with almost everyone in the building. Beginning from the Education Officers, Student Services and Alumni Officer, Senior Officer Global Education programs, Manager Enrollment and Career Services, Marketing Department, faculty members and many more. I received personal attention from each and every one of them and I am very, very grateful for it.

Which classes were the most difficult?
Supply Chain was the most difficult for me because it was a subject I had not been exposed to after obtaining my bachelor or during my work experience. However, the professor gave great practical cases to make it easy to understand for students like me. Apart from that I also appreciated the group assignments and learned a lot from my classmates.

Career services and job opportunities

What kind of career services are available at MSM?
As much as you need! From trail runs to editing a custom-made motivational letter. The Career Services Officer helps each student from the beginning to the end. And then of course it is the students’ responsibility to make the most out of it. Talking from experience, the career services are very beneficial so make sure you benefit and make use of the Career and Personal Development Track!

How important is it to know Dutch in terms of job prospects?
It completely depends on the field you are working in. For example, I am working in Marketing and I am passionate about the conceptualization of products and brands. Being in the Netherlands 'even if' I work for a global company, there will be local clients. And for me, that is an opportunity lost. I took basic lessons during the MBA program and the Alumni Officer at MSM helped me hone my skills. I would say if your job demands it, you should give it a shot.  But even if your job does not demand it, you should give it a shot to feel more local than an expat : ).

How does MSM prepare you for your job?
MSM prepares you from day one, all the help and facilities are available - you must be vigilant and quick in making decisions. 

What is your experience with job opportunities after the program?
Because I was actively searching, I already found a job before graduation. I think it is an experience in itself. The whole process of applying to hear rejection is an excellent reality check because you understand your pros and cons. The process of applying for a job is a learning process and the first application prepares you for the ones that come ahead.

With special thanks to Aneesha Singh – full-time MBA alumna

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About the MSM full-time MBA
The MSM full-time MBA will challenge you to develop your management skills in a diverse, international and multicultural environment. The one-year program is conducted at the MSM campus in Maastricht. You will have full day classes, consisting of interactive lectures, individual and group assignments, work visits and guest lectures. Besides the regular classes and activities we also offer you a special optional Career and Personal Development Track (CPDT) to help you achieve your career goals, an Innovation Week and many extracurricular activities. To allow you to customize your MBA around your specific study needs and career perspectives, MSM offers a number of business-related and industry-focused specializations.

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