Become a sustainable and responsible manager


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), you must have heard about it. With the changing environment in mind, organizations are aiming towards becoming more socially responsible and operating in a green and sustainable manner. Especially for young professionals, companies who have CSR high on the priority list are of interest. However, many companies are still struggling to become more sustainable and are in need of professionals who can help steer the company in the right direction. Therefore, preparing yourself through starting Maastricht School of Management’s (MSM) Master in Management will help you kick-start your career to become a sustainable and responsible manager.

Apart from diving straight into sustainability related topics, you of course first need to learn the general management ins and outs. The 1-year program will provide you with the full package of management knowhow and being sustainably responsible. You will learn the tricks of the trade through courses such as economics for managers, marketing management, management science and managing cultural diversity. The latter should definitely not go unnoticed, especially with the rapidly globalizing world, you will be managing people coming from all sort of cultural backgrounds and countries. Besides learning about how to manage within a cultural diverse environment, you are subjected to it in person. The moment you enter the MSM Master in Management (MM) classroom, you will be indulged in a multicultural environment with classmates and teachers coming from all corners of the world (15 nationalities on average). Being part of this international community will teach you to look at a situation from different angles. People from different backgrounds and countries often look differently to a certain situation. By working closely together during group work, you and your team will be able to discuss a topic from different perspectives while eventually having to come to an agreement that everyone is on board with. Yes, this can be tough, but it prepares you for the real working world.

A mix of theory and practice
The curriculum of the 1-year Master in Management is put together in a way to prepare you to manage people and processes with success in any organization, country or context. Besides, the already mentioned courses, you will also learn about corporate finances, analyzing data, human resources, strategizing and planning, how to digitally transform a business, organizational behavior, and entrepreneurship and innovation.  Throughout these courses you will learn to view sustainability and business in a wider context and once you’ve mastered the basics you can directly put the theory into practice in the compulsory group project which is centralized around digital transformation or sustainable business. Furthermore, when you think of sustainability, you think of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The MM program gives the students the opportunity to take part in the SDG-Challenge, which is a highlight for the students on the school’s calendar. During this competition MBA and MM students work together to come up with a business solution that tackles issues related to climate change and sustainability. You will compete with fellow students and with students of other schools.

In a Business Because interview, Sara Hedayati, MM alumna and MSM’s Sustainability Student of 2020, expressed that she chose for the MSM Master in Management because sustainability made up a large part of the compulsory content. Sara shared that at MSM, she learnt how to make a tangible difference to communities. Sara worked among others on a group project focused on making MSM a more sustainable institution, and says that understanding the ways in which the school could be adapted had an impact on how she then viewed the role sustainability could play in wider society.

SDG Change-maker Scholarship
Contributing to a sustainable future according to the SDG’s can also save you some money on the MM tuition fee. If you are committed to a sustainable future and can demonstrate how you contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), you can qualify for MSM’s SDG Change-maker Scholarship. This scholarship can give you a discount on the tuition fee of up to 25%. For more information, click here.

Do you want to become a sustainable and responsible manager?
After finishing your management studies at MSM, you will be able to see sustainability in a broader context and the hands-on and theoretical education on sustainability will give you an advantage in the business world. Challenge yourself to become a sustainable and responsible manager and start the Master in Management in September 2021

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