A sneak peek in the life of our Master in Management alumnus Juan Carlos Ramonet


Meet Juan Carlos Ramonet, Master in Management (MM) alumnus of Maastricht School of Management. Juan Carlos comes from Mexico and graduated from the one-year MM program back in 2018.

Let me introduce myself
“Time has passed by so quickly, I’m in the Netherlands for three years already!
Before coming to the Netherlands, I studied engineering in Mexico, and in my free time, I studied theater. Yes, completely the opposite side of the spectrum, I know. However, I figured I’m good with numbers and I like arts, so why choose between the two of them? After having worked in the Mexican film industry for a couple of years, I decided that I wanted to do a Masters degree. The Netherlands looked like a great country to study and the Master in Management program at MSM appealed to me. A bonus was that MSM granted me the Orange Tulip Scholarship!

Today, it has already been almost two years since I graduated and I am still benefiting from my study at MSM. I had an amazing time, people were very helpful and classes were highly interesting. However, what I appreciate the most till this day is how much I improved my writing skills. I have never been the best writer, but having to write many assignments in English, while not being a native speaker, definitely improved my writing skills and my English skills in general. Of course, I’ve also learned many other things such as business-related topics and team work but the improvement of my English and broadening my business vocabulary paid off a lot. Because of this, I’m now a better communicator within my team, I understand business meetings where technical vocabulary is used much better and I can easily read articles without translating it back and forth.

Where I am now career wise and how the Master in Management changed my mindset
I currently work at ecommerce platform Wish, where I have the position of Team Lead. I like my team, I like my boss and I like what I am doing. So, I can say I’m very happy with my current job. I can apply what I learned during the Master in Management program on a daily basis at work. I learned a lot about business topics, but I also developed an academic mindset by trying to always support my viewpoints with data, which is an important part of my job as well. Furthermore, I can better communicate my ideas, I give stronger presentations, I am more to the point and I always want to improve and learn. I did not have this mindset before I joined MSM.

What I would like to accomplish in the future
I have so many goals, that I sometimes lose track of them. However, for the next couple of years I would like to grow within the company I am currently working for. I learn so many new things here and the more I learn the more I realize how much there still is to learn. Furthermore, in my free time I’m also taking software development courses, which I think are very interesting and can come in handy at some time.

I also plan to stay in the Netherlands, so I started to learn Dutch with the aim of eventually applying for a Dutch citizenship. And finally, a long term goal is getting back into the film industry. It’s a tough industry to work in, but I already had a passion for it in Mexico and this has not changed.

For now, these are quite a few goals that I want to achieve, and I know this doesn’t happen overnight. As I have my goals pretty clear, it’s a matter of time and working hard every day to achieve them.

My advice to you
I would recommend taking some time to think about who you are and what you want to achieve. Write it down, hang it on the wall next to the Britney Spears poster if needed, to remind you every day what you are working for. Set clear goals, and yes, these can change over time but that’s ok. These goals will motivate you to work towards something. I personally prefer moving forward 1 million times, even if it might be in the wrong direction instead of standing still. Go for what you think is the best direction for you, because you will never know what the right direction is. Nobody knows!”

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can reach out to me via the chat on MSM’s website or via my Instagram account.