Examination Board

The MSM Examination Board is an independent (from other departments and units) academic MSM body installed by the Dean and has the following duties, tasks and responsibilities:

  • To establish guidelines and instructions, within the framework of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER), to assess and determine (final) assessment results and to monitor the correct and fair implementation of these guidelines and instructions;
  • To monitor and ensure the quality of course assessments and Final Assessments, by checking the validity, reliability, transparency and efficiency of assessments and grading procedures (Quality check);
  • To monitor and determine in an objective and professional manner whether participants have fulfilled all requirements, outlined in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER), in terms of knowledge, insight and skills required for obtaining the MSM degree, diploma or certificate (Degree check);
  • To impose sanctions upon the participant, in the event of academic misconduct (including but not limited to fraud, plagiarism, forgery or academic outsourcing); See document: Sanction possibilities MSM Examination Board.
  • To appoint examiners to the (E)MBA program, Online MBA, MM program or MSc programs in MME;
  • To handle objections and requests and other academic disputes from participants, Local Administrators, MSM Global Education Programs officers and other Stakeholders;
  • To evaluate and grant requests for exemption, extension, deferment and transfer of credits among programs;
  • To issue the MSM DBA, (E)MBA, Online MBA, MM Degree and Transcript and MSc Course Certificate;
  • To draft and submit an annual report of its activities to the Dean of MSM.

The MSM Examination Board is responsible for the DBA, Online MBA, (E)MBA, MM, MSc and EP programs in Maastricht or in collaboration with MSM Partner Institutions. The MSM Examination Board consists of a (vice) chair, senior secretary, and two (2) members of which one (1) is an external member.

New composition as of 1 September 2020

Chair: Prof. Aad van Mourik, PhD
Vice Chair: Terry Kakeeto, PhD
Member: Stephanie Jones, PhD
External member: Matt Heckman, PhD
Senior Secretary: Frédérique Starmans-Franssen, MSc MM