Career Services

Finding a job depends on a lot of various different factors : how actively the student searches, what the student is looking for, how flexible the student is, whether the student uses all the career tools MSM provides, how hard-working the student is, as well as past experiences (work, international exposure, volunteering, internships, education).

Career Services at MSM, entails that we provide our students with all the necessary tools to maximize the student’s chances of finding a job upon completion of his/her program at MSM. Although jobs can never be guaranteed, we provide students with many and various opportunities to get into contact with companies to help them find a job. This is done in the following ways:

  • High-profile HR managers coming to talk to the students, telling them what profiles they are looking for
  • Guest lecturers from specific sectors, as well as company visits and Business Challenges
  • Networking events
  • Regional corporate partners that are specifically looking for international/foreign students
  • CV book for our corporate partners to facilitate the recruitment of our students
  • Master consultancy project opportunity which could lead to a job offer
  • Job fairs that take place in the Netherlands
  • Trainings:
    - CV + motivational letter writing for the Dutch market (+ individual feedback sessions),
    - Presentation skills,
    - How to approach the Dutch job market,
    - LinkedIn, Video resume, elevator pitch workshops.
    - Self-awareness and self-development coaching and Soft Skill development
  • Posting jobs to our students and alumni via our student & alumni platform MSM Networker
  • Mentorship program (More information)
  • Beginner Dutch Lessons (optional)

Besides being one of the only European countries fluent in English, the Netherlands has one of the more open policies in Europe for encouraging foreign students to come work in the Netherlands since there is a high demand for foreign student expertise. After completing the Master in Management or MBA, students are allowed to stay in the country for a whole year after completing your studies to search for a job (