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Master in Management

Admission requirements and process - Phase 1

Please note that the Master in Management (MM) is designed for fresh graduates and young professionals with less than 3 years of working experience.

Upload the following documents to MSM’s online application portal:

  • Bachelor's diploma or statement of expected date of graduation¹
    - If it is not in English, Dutch, French or German, please also provide a translation in English, Dutch, French or German. A copy is sufficient for first evaluation.
  • Official transcripts or a copy of your (temporary) list of grades.
    - If it is not in English, Dutch, French or German, please provide a translation in English, Dutch, French or German.
    - If your list is temporary, please also submit a list of courses you still have to take to complete your program.
  • Personal résumé / CV*
  • Letter of recommendation (a reference request can be sent directly via our application portal)
  • A letter of motivation: > instructions motivation letter
  • Proof of English proficiency: > English proficiency requirements
  • Copy of your passport or your EU identity card
  • Digital passport photo - guidelines digital passport photo

Only complete applications will be reviewed. As stated above, diplomas and transcripts can be submitted in English, Dutch, French or German, preferred language is English. Other documents should be in English.

¹ If you cannot obtain the required certified documents before the start of your study program, you can also send us a certified statement by post from your school/institution, in which it is stated that you have fulfilled all the requirements of your diploma and mentioning the results obtained, and that only the issuing of the official document is pending. 

Also send the certified copy of your diploma and sealed transcripts by regular mail to:
Maastricht School of Management
Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 1203
6201 BE Maastricht
The Netherlands

To submit your online application, you have to complete all required fields, upload the necessary documents and pay the application fee of € 95.

Applications are processed immediately upon receipt. However, please note that the application deadlines for the September 2022 intake are 15 July(for non-EU residents) and 15 September (for EU residents). Each application will be processed on an individual basis. The Graduate Admissions Board will make a decision based on the candidate’s prior academic performance, work experience and overall achievements and goals. We will inform you of the Admissions Board’s decision as soon as possible.

MSM reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission if candidates fail to satisfy all requirements or if it is determined that admission was obtained through the use of falsified, altered or embellished information.

Admission requirements and process - Phase 2

Interview by an MSM faculty or staff member, or an MSM alumnus. This interview will give the applicant a chance to highlight any motivation or skills beyond the CV and letter of motivation. It will also give MSM a chance to learn more about individual motivations for joining the MM program.

Admission requirements and process - Phase 3

After payment of 1st installment and prior to the start of the MM program four, online leveling courses (Accounting, Finance, Statistics and Economics) are required to be satisfactorily completed. Alternatively, if you have completed the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) with a score of 600 or higher (or a GRE with an equivalent score), the leveling courses are waived.

Visa and residence permit process
Please also check the page Visas and Permits for more information!

After you have been accepted to a Full Time degree program at MSM

1. MSM will ask you for at least the following documents:

  • copy of your passport. Your passport must be valid for at least one month longer than the duration of the program you are registered for.
  • evidence of sufficient financial resources. You must be able to prove that you have at least € 875 per month for rent, food and insurances. MSM will inform you about how you can do that.
  • completed antecedents form. This is a statement that you have not committed any criminal offence.
  • certified, physical copies of Diploma and Transcripts. In case you have only submitted copies or temporary documents during the admissions process.
  • proof of first payment. In order to start your Visa process, you will be required to submit proof of payment for the first installment of your tuition as well as any other required fees (exact amounts to be confirmed by the Admissions Office.)

2. You will receive a message if all of the documents satisfy the conditions.
3. MSM will start your visa application. The Netherlands Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) needs about 4 weeks to process your application. As soon as this has been done you will receive a notification by email.
4. You make an appointment with the Dutch Embassy in your country. There you must submit passport photos and have your fingerprint registered. After that you will receive your visa. You will receive your residence permit after your arrival in the Netherlands. Please note! Do not book your trip to the Netherlands until after you have received your visa.

Please note! Do not book your trip to the Netherlands until after you have received your visa.

After your arrival in Maastricht

  1. MSM will inform you about where and when you can pick up your residence permit.
  2. MSM will continue to monitor your academic progress.
  3. MSM can ask the IND to revoke your student visa in any of the following situations:
    a. If you fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress,
    b. If you fail to submit all the required documents to complete your admission to the degree program,
    c. If any of your admissions documents or visa application documents are found to be altered, false or fabricated in any way.
    d. If you are deemed by MSM to be conducting yourself in any way that is not in line with the Code of Conduct for international students in higher education (

After you complete your studies in Maastricht

  1. Before your student visa expires you must either
    a. Apply for the Zoekjaar Visa with the IND in order to prolong your stay in the Netherlands or
    b. De-register with the city (gemeente) in which you registered.