Digital passport photo guidelines

Please make sure the digital passport photo fulfills the following requirements:

- The photo is a recent photo of you and bears a clear resemblance to you.
- The photo shows solely your uncovered face.
- Both eyes are visible and clearly recognisable.
- Your head fills the available space as much as possible.
- The photo is in focus.
- The photo is not rotated.
- The dimensions are at least 85 x 113 pixels (width x height: 30 x 40 mm).
- The photo is in JPEG or JPG file format.
- Both colour and black-and-white photos are permitted.

Instructions for taking a digital photo:
- Have a someone take a photo of your face using a digital camera. Save the photo as a JPEG or JPG file.
- Scan a passport or other photo of yourself or have someone do this for you. Then save the photo as a JPEG or 
  JPG file.