Course objectives

After finalizing this course, you:

  • Will be equipped with the managerial skills and capabilities to lead organisational change processes.
  • Will have the insight to take the decisions on the directions of change.
  • Will emerge from the program with the skills and confidence to guide your organisation successfully through challenging transitions.
  • Have a conceptual and practical understanding of strategic leadership
  • Have acquired and improve the necessary skills for achieving impact
  • Acquired deeper insight underlying concepts, mechanisms and dynamics, as well as in your own personal leadership style, and its effectiveness in typical situations
  • Learned how strategic leadership works out in the practice of day-to-day organisational performance, in the organizations culture
  • Learned how your own personal leadership behavior has impact on others, and how to use advanced influence techniques effectively

Course topics

Following topics will be part of the course:

  • Perspectives on change management
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Change strategies
  • Resistance to change and how to handle
  • The role of leadership in organizational change
  • Change and organizational culture
  • Introduction to strategic thinking
  • Analysis of external developments and internal organisation characteristics and capabilities
  • Mission, vision and strategic goals as part of the strategic framework
  • Strategy as the ‘grand plan’ to realize objectives
  • Strategy implementation and monitoring
  • The role of leadership in strategy planning and implementation

Teaching methods

This course involves an interactive learning approach, in which the participant is stimulated to move beyond his/her own organisation or industry sector. Learning takes place through:

  • Classroom interactive lecturing
  • Self-study
  • In-class group assignments to reflect on the learning
  • Individual assignment, presentation and discussion

Your profile

The Strategic Leadership & Change Management programme is designed for:

  • Executives with responsibility for strategic planning and/or change management
  • HR professionals
  • Consultants and lecturers working in areas related to strategic planning and/or change management


Each participant receives a certificate of participation.
This certificate is being awarded as evidence of participation in a post-graduate training at indicative level 6 or 7 of the EQF[2]. The minimum study load is 14 hours and an attendance level of 80% is required. This certificate is being awarded in the form of a soft copy when the training is online or a hard copy during a face-to-face training. The certificate will mention your full name, training title, training date and comprising core topics. . Click here for more information about the MSM certification policy.