Mr. Leo Kerklaan
Lecturer & Consultant Strategic Performance Management

Leo Kerklaan is an experienced strategy professional, teacher and writer. His strategic work has spanned business cases in most industries and in many regions of the world, assisting with both continuing plans and one-off challenges. Leo studied Law (The Hague Business School) and Economics (Amsterdam University). He gained long years of management experience as: Operations Manager (Netherlands Postal Bank), Quality Assurance Manager (Fokker Aircraft), and Training and Development Manager (Fokker Aircraft).

Leo’s consulting assignments include both the recovery of strategies and the implementation of strategic performance management. Leo’s passion is to bring the organization of his clients to higher performance levels based on continuous improvement practices.

Leo is a frequent lecturer at MSM and has executed over 50 missions in various countries like Tanzania, Ethiopia, Yemen, Suriname, Indonesia, Vietnam and Rwanda.

Dr. Geert Heling
Distinguished Professor of Practice in Organizational Behavior, Culture and Change

Professor Geert W.J. Heling PhD is a professional Management Consultant with practical experience in training and consultancy for over 25 years. Heading his own company, Médoc Management Consulting, most of his projects focus on processes of Business Improvement, Management and Organisational Development, Change and Learning. Typical projects range from Organisational Development, Revitalization, Change and Restructuring, Performance Management to Team Training and Coaching. He also conducts internal audits, focusing on Organisational Culture, Employee Satisfaction and Well-being. Clients are mainly large and medium sized organisations, national as well as international, private as well as public sector.

Based on the conviction that practice needs to be coupled with sound theory he combines his consultancy work with a position of Distinguished Professor of Practice in Organisational Behaviour at TIAS, the Business School of Tilburg University, The Netherlands. For more than 20 years he has been Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the Maastricht School of Management. As professor and consultant Geert Heling has travelled the world, consulting, training, lecturing, conducting workshops, and doing research in many different countries and cultures.

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