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Testimonials of previous participants

“I wanted to develop my skills and knowledge to effectively manage organisational changes, adapt to market changes, implement new technologies and navigate changes in leadership. Furthermore, I wanted to advance my career and build a portfolio of skills in leadership, project management, communication, and strategic planning. And that is exactly what this programme has brought me.
Mr. Yazan Shbeilat (Jordan) participant Change Management programme May 2023

I applied for this programme because Change Management, as a concept and activity to implement, is new in my organisation. As such the programme provided me with useful knowledge  as I am entrusted with leading strategy in my organisation.”
Ms. Modjadji Alidia (South Africa) participant Change Management programme May 2023

Attending this course at MSM definitely polished and added value to my capacity as a managing director. The knowledge gained will help me to implement change within my organisation within clear frameworks with the use of effective tools we learned throughout the course.”
Mr. Aheng Ashti (Iraq) participant Strategic Leadership programme November 2022

"It was an amazing experience discussing, learning and sharing experiences with different leaders from all around the world.”
Rafael Salencar (Brazil), participant of the May 2022 programme

All diagnostic frameworks and tools which were shared during the class will be extremely helpful in my work! I also appreciate the flow of the lectures and the great examples shared throughout the course.
Tsvetlina Mihaylova (Bulgaria), participant of the May 2022 programme

The lessons of Professor Geert Heling were wonderful; he has high skills in understanding and presenting everyone's ideas from different backgrounds and linking them with the content of the programme. I think the participants who were able to join the programme on campus were very lucky to interact with him face to face.
Zinab Albarghathi (Libya), participant of the November 2021 programme

Geert Heling shared the theory and used practical examples of challenges, approaches and results of organisations that are going through change. He was careful to include everyone in both the classroom and on Zoom in the discussions and teamwork. He is very well experienced in the topic and he shares it with great enthusiasm.
Marianna Tomkova (Chez Republic), participant of the November 2021 programme

"Dr. Heling is an excellent trainer with decades of practical experience. He managed to present numerous aspects of change with details and perspectives in an intriguing way during the short time period of this course. He encouraged participation and listened attentively to give us professional advice and knowledge on our own real-life case studies.”
Maged Elsamny (Egypt), participant of the April 2021 programme

After the pandemic appeared, change was in the air. Organisations had to find a way to stay in the market. I am working in an NGO who has the mission to improve food safety among vulnerable people. The isolations during the pandemic affected the most vulnerable people so we had to double our operations. I was wondering how to manage this change effectively and without putting too much pressure on our team. Then I saw that this program and though that this might be the answer. And indeed, it was.
Norma Fernanda (Colombia), participant of the November 2021 programme

This training has been the most diverse and multicultural group I ever attended, even though I work in a company of 28 (European) nationalities. This setting with participants from South-America, Africa and Asia was an extremely nice add-on. Through the case discussions one gets a nice inside in the challenges of those not working in the European arena, which makes the course more than just a course on Change Management, it also puts the challenges ahead of us in perspective. Overall, l much appreciated!
Noud de Lang (Netherlands), participant of the November 2021 programme

"As an Algerian administrator in the Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities and Urban planning, I now know how to apply various appropriate tools and methods to lead the change successfully and serve the strategy of each ministry, which will benefit both the employees as the citizens.
Mounia Touatia (Algeria) participant of the April 2021 programme

"As I finished the Change Management course at MSM, I was full of hope, energy and enthusiasm to make a difference in my own life, family, community and country. My vision for leadership was rekindled, my passion to inspire and lead change was revitalized and my hope for inspiring others to follow their passions was greatly honed. Indeed, I was fired up to go and do great work. It was a very creative platform and life-changing experience.”
Jacob Ubindam, (Ghana), participant of the April 2021 programme

My role in my organisation is to improve and develop the operations by re-engineering processes. Without cooperation of the employees, I will not be able to implement changes. That is the reason why I decided to participate in this course to learn how to deal with managing the impact of changes and how to let the employee understand, accept and then commit. Otherwise the people’s resistance will be the biggest challenge to success and to achieving the desired goals.
Alwyiah Abdlfattah (Jordan), participant of the November 2020 programme

I decided to join this course, because I have many challenges in my business environment and I was in need to prepare for these challenges with good strategic planning. This programme put all the knowledge that I need in one place.” 
Salih Mahmod (Iraq), participant of the November 2020 programme

 “I chose to join this course because I want to bring about a change in my organisation and at the same time be more knowledgeable on the topic in general. The programme was very good and well packed”. 
Adebowale Yusuff (Nigeria), participant of the MSM Change Management programme in November 2020 

"It was the perfect time to take this course in November, because I use to review and develop my organization strategy every year in December. I will be using the course methodologies to deeply understand my important objectives, to find mechanisms to measure it and transfer it into actions.
Salih Mahmod (Iraq), participant of the MSM Change Management programme in November 2020

A great experience through which I gained new skills and knowledge
Reda Ajaraam (Morocco), participant of the MSM Change Management programme in January 2020

This is a great program to get your first step in the field of change management"
Tapan Sharma (Germany), participant of the MSM Change Management programme in October 2019

"This program has a quick learning technique and approach in such a way that it can be applied directly into your workplace. Furthermore, a very professional, friendly and fun environment"
Christianne Jeha (Lebanon), participant of the MSM Change Management programme in January 2019