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Global Custom Programmes │Maastricht School of Management Global Custom Programs

MSM offers its Global Custom Programmes with and for organisations from all around the world, with a focus on Africa, Asia, Latin-America and the Middle East.

We provide our services to:

  • Government agencies
  • Higher and vocational education institutions
  • NGO’s
  • Private sector

Who are our clients and what are their challenges?

Our client organisations operate in a context that is increasingly characterised by competition, innovation, accountability and complexity putting greater demand on individual and organisational competences and capabilities. Organisations turn to MSM for a custom learning programme when they notice challenges in respect to:

  • Strategising for sustainable development
  • Identification and management of networks and partnerships
  • Evidence based policy analysis and policy making
  • Effective systems for performance management, planning and control
  • Organisational change and development (restructuring, teambuilding, process management)}
  • Staff development (competencies, attitude, motivation, satisfaction, engagement) Inspiring and effective leadership

How do we support and strengthen our client organisations?

MSM offers a unique one-stop shop approach from problem analysis and needs assessment to programme design, implementation and evaluation. In every aspect we closely interact with the client organisation to ensure maximum relevance and quality. MSM’s Custom Learning Programmes offer a practice-oriented and highly flexible learning experience, tailored to the specific learning needs of each organisation.