Project references

MSM has an extensive portfolio of custom learning programs and international capacity development projects, for the public and private sector, and for the higher and vocational education sector. MSM collaborates extensively with international development agencies and donor organizations and offers institutional capacity strengthening through educational and advisory interventions in a variety of fields. MSM’s custom learning programs are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your organization, making them the perfect tool to strengthen the leadership skills and expertise of the professionals of your organization.

Below you can see an overview of custom learning programs and capacity building projects delivered by MSM in the recent past.

Strengthening WASH Expertise in Sierra Leone

Together with the Government Technical Institute (GTI) in Sierra Leone MSM works towards a ‘fit for purpose’ Polytechnic, delivering WASH focused vocational and technical training and education.

  • Freetown, SL
Training on Women Empowerment in the Medical Sector of Ethiopia

The purpose of the training was to empower female medical experts in Ethiopia. the training focuses on women in training at the Black Lion Hospital for a medical specialization and that will go back to a community hospital.

  • Addis Ababa, ET
Tailor Made Training: Institutionalizing Research at ENA for Public Administration Innovation

The program has been a kick-start for both individual and organizational research capacity development. Individual staff members have been trained in research methods and skills and have executed, facilitated by and counseled through MSM

  • Bujumbura, BI
Strengthening the capacity of WNC in order to enhance gender mainstreaming in the NICHE programme and government institutions in Yemen

The objective of this project was to strengthen the capacity of the WNC to guide the mainstreaming of gender in the NICHE programme and in the ministries of Higher Education

  • Sana'a , YE
Enhancing Entrepreneurial Eco System at Paltrade

PALTRADE organizational and individual capacity building in export trade promotion for further development of Palestinian exports as a driving force for sustainable economic growth

  • Ramallah, PS
Promoting Palestinian Women’s Entrepreneurship Development

The training program contributes to fostering and developing women entrepreneurship in Palestine (West Bank) by enhancing the capability and capacity of the Ministry of National Economy (MoNE) as a main player in the Women Entrepreneurship sector

  • Ramallah, PS
Essential Leadership & Management Skills

The tailor made training Essential Leadership & Management Skills for ISDB higher and middle management is part of a larger capacity development project aimed at strengthening ISDB in its mandate to train competent professionals and entrepreneurs for

  • MZ
Introducing the Triple Helix approach as a Catalyst for Skills Development for Mega Projects to support Economic Growth in Eastern Africa

The project provides capacity building through a Triple Helix training program at the Technical University of Kenya and KCA University, and in partnership with LIWA

  • Nairobi, KE
Entrepreneurial University Transformation

The training workshop contributes to improved management and leadership, specifically related to strategic planning in general and to strategic aspects of entrepreneurial universities.

  • Kumasi, GH
Enhancing water efficiency and food security through Egyptian TVETs

The project will enhance water efficiency and food security in Egypt by means of capacity building at TVET/HE’s.

  • El Sadat City, EG