Our team

The staff of the MSM Expert Centre on Emerging Economies (ECEE) includes both academics and practitioners with experience in the private and public sector and in civil society. We understand the culture of our clients and are able to find synergies that are beneficial to all actors and enhance sustainable development in emerging economies.



Expertise area

Diederik P. de Boer. PhD

Director Expert Centre on Emerging Economies / Associate Professor Sustainable Business Development

Economic and Sustainable Business Development, Public-Private Partnerships, Value Chain Analysis

Huub L.M. Mudde, PhD

Senior Project Consultant

Entrepreneurship Development, Partnerships and Project Management

Meinhard J. Gans


Institutional Development and Governance Expert

Jeroen van Wijk, PhD

Associate Professor Global Value Chain and Partnerships Global Value Chains, Partnerships

Jakomijn van Wijk, PhD

Associate Professor Sustainable Business Sustainable Development, Institutional Change, Sustainable Tourism , Stakeholder Perspective

Julius Gatune Kariuki, PhD

Senior Project Consultant

Triple Helix Expert

Hans Nijhoff, MSc

Senior Project Consultant Agricultural Development

Andre Dellevoet, MSc

Senior Project Consultant Private Sector Development

Patrick D. Martens, MSc

Senior Project Consultant Trade Development and Project Management

Liliana Bedoya Vargas, Mphil

Project Consultant Management Education, Institutional collaboration projects, Sustainable Agriculture

Gigi Limpens, MSc

Project Consultant

Monitoring & Evaluation

Antonella Anastasi, MBA/MA

Junior Project Consultant Monitoring & Evaluation 

Stefano Locatelli, MSc/MSc

Junior Project Consultant Institutional collaboration projects
Veerle Barten, MBA Junior Project Consultant Institutional collaboration projects, project communication processes
Vince di Giulio, Msc Project/Management Assistant    

Sandra Adriaansens, MSc/MMA

Senior Manager Business Development

Private Sector Expert

Astrid ter Wiel, PhD

Associate Consultant

Project Management and Sexual Reproductive Health

Meine Pieter van Dijk, PhD Associate Consultant Water Management, Urban Development, Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship

René Lenssen, MA, MBA

Associate Consultant in Kenya

Technical Vocational Education and Training & Higher Educational Institutions

Herma Majoor, MSC

Associate Consultant

Gender Development and Nutrition

Suhail Sultan, PhD

Associate Consultant in Palestine

Economic Development

Joyce Schoonenberg

Finance Officer

Financial Management

Ien Bakker

Manager Expert Centre on Emerging Economies