Expertise areas

MSM operates within the sectors of agribusiness development, private sector development, rule of law, mental, sexual and reproductive health and water, in which entrepreneurship and employability, educational development, leadership, inclusive development and value chain and partnerships are our key expertise areas.

Taking the strengths of emerging economies as a point of departure, MSM assists stakeholders worldwide in their attempts to enhance inclusive local, regional, and national economic development. Our work is based on the premise that, in conjunction with public and civil society actors, including educational institutions, companies play a pivotal role in the sustainable development process.

MSM highly values a networked triple helix approach in working with academia, business and government. Drawing on both theoretical understanding and practical knowledge of management and governance issues in sustainable development, we apply practical tools to analyse value chains, partnerships and competitiveness in emerging economies. Research results are set to identify opportunities for value chain upgrading and subsequent intervention strategies for different organisational actors using a triple helix approach. Our public and private partnerships play a pivotal role in all our projects and research.